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Do you want to save videos from TikTok? Check out free downloader

What can you do with TokDer?

Download videos

First of all, it's a downloader. Simply put the link of video that you want to save and click on "Download" button.

Keep in mind that this video will be saved in our video history so any visitor will be able to watch this video.

Find & download banned videos

As you just read above, TokDer stores history of videos. It also means that users are still able to find and download videos that have been banned on - miracle!

Here you can find the list of banned users

And here there is a list of removed videos

Download videos in batch

You can fetch all videos from user at once. Put username and wait till job is done

Search for users

Useful feature if you want to extract users by some keyword. TokDer finds users by nicknames, full names, and their profile descriptions

Query videos by keyword

Same as above but for videos. Just put search term and get all videos by provided keyword

Find girl with OF accounts

You know what I mean. Just visit OF TikTokers page

Check out the hottest girl

No need to explain more, here you can find hot chicks

Do hashtag research

TokDer stores not only videos, but hashtags as well.

I'd be fair enough if I say that TokDer is the best free tool to analyze content

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